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Friday, July 3, 2020


One of my favorite things to do is organize. I get so much joy making a space more efficient and organized. I've worked full time for the past 5 years (and had two kids during this time frame), so things have gotten a little messy... and that's okay! Things are not going to be in perfect order the majority of the time, especially with little ones. It is WAY more important to be spending time with your family than worrying about whether your house is perfect.  I do think, though, when you make your spaces more efficient and clutter free, it makes your life easier, giving you more space and time to spend doing the things you love. 

After having my daughter this year, I made the decision to work part time.  I'm so thankful that I have been able to do this because it's given me more time with my kids and more time to work on creative projects, which I was desperately missing.  I've implemented several things in 2020 that have made our home routines more productive (which I will save for another blog post), and also gotten more focused on organizing every single space in our home to maximize it's efficiency and not be a dumping ground for clutter. 

My goal with these organization projects was to truly think through how best this space can serve my family. I knew this would take more time - and it did - I've only gone through three closets and it's already July but we're getting there! Take a look below at the progress.

Coat Closet

Our coat closet was the first to get an upgrade.  It wasn't terribly messy but the storage I was using wasn't working well for what I wanted to accomplish. This is the closet we walk by as we're heading out the door so I wanted it to be the place where we pick up anything we typically need while out (sunglasses, activities for our toddler, disposable placemats and bibs if we go out to eat, etc...), and then obviously coats and winter gear for the colder months.  We also use this closet for storing our mop and broom because it's the only closet that is tall enough for those items to fit. 

I LOVE these storage baskets from Target. They come in so many different colors and sizes to fit any organization need. I tend to choose organization tools that are not acrylic or clear (unless in the pantry) that way the space looks uniform. I use labels on the outside of the baskets so that everyone knows what belongs there. I ordered these chalkboard tags off Amazon and use a chalkboard pen that I've had for years.

Activity Closet

This closet was a DISASTER. It truly had become a dumping ground for anything we didn't have a place for. I found these amazing small storage containers to organize and separate all of the tiny kid activities that were just dumped in this closet like crayons, play doh, and the list goes on. I decided to continue using this closet as a space for our extra bed linens but I separated them by room using my favorite Target baskets.

Last but not least you'll also see that I store extra gift wrapping and supplies in a basket at the bottom of the closet. I like to reuse gift bags that are given to me, but more often than not, I end up having a lot of gift bags that don't end up being used.  Using a small basket to store these in makes it harder for me to keep every single gift wrapping supply that I get.  If they are in good condition, you can always donate them to a local donation site.


This may have been my favorite project of all! My husband and I have been wanting to upgrade our wire shelf units for a while. They had begun to sag in the middle and were pulling on the wall so we decided to build our own! My husband has gotten into woodworking over the last few years so this only cost us $11 to buy the wood.  I challenged myself to only use storage that I already had on hand and so I didn't have to purchase anything.

For pantry organization, I do like to use baskets that are acrylic or see through so that you can visibly see what you have on hand. This saves money at the grocery store since you're constantly seeing what you have every time you open the pantry. 

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to organizing your home is to think through what works best for YOUR family/self.  It's so easy to see pretty pictures on Pinterest or Instagram and wish that our homes looked like that but in reality it just wouldn't work. Do what works best for YOU and give yourself grace in the process. 

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