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Friday, October 9, 2020

Laundry Room Mini Makeover & Dollar Tree Organization
I love a little quirk sprinkled around in a home, pieces and features that really speak to the personality of the owner, and wallpaper is such a fun way to capture pops of personality, especially in rooms that are easily overlooked.  I had been wanting to try peel and stick style wallpaper and thought a small room like our laundry room or my kids bathroom would be the perfect place for it. I ultimately decided to go with the laundry room due to not knowing how the wallpaper would react to the humidity of a bathroom. 

I am loving this small update! It adds a kick of fun to a really boring room. Let's be honest, laundry is already not my favorite, so anything to make this a more exciting experience is great. I love neutrals so it was hard for me to pick anything but a neutral wallpaper. I ended up going with this white and gold paint speckled wallpaper and I am loving it for this space. We chose to put it up on two accent walls and I may eventually put up some type of artwork on the other two walls. 

Here are a few of my takeaways and tips after working with it. Please keep in mind I'm not a design professional, just giving my personal opinion after researching and listening to design pros, and working with the product. 

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Takeaways

1. This is a perfect way to add character to a room for renters, and homeowners who are wanting a budget friendly update. We are homeowners but fall into this category because we are uber conscious of the amount of money we drop into home projects. Any significant amount of money going into projects is going to be reserved for things that will add value to our home, or are timeless, rather than trendy. This was a $77 project for us ($60 for three rolls of wallpaper and $17 for a new accent rug). That’s our personal take on the home we currently live in for various reasons.

2. Speaking of trends - I would reserve the peel and stick for trendy patterns. If you find a timeless wallpaper that you could see in a room for 5 to 10+ years, put up the real deal with a professional.

3. Buy a forgiving pattern if you're a newbie like I was! I'm so glad I did this, otherwise I think I would have thrown in the towel two weeks ago. Lining up those panels is REALLY hard. I don't care how anyone makes it look online. It's hard. There are some mistakes on ours but because of how busy the pattern is, there's no requirement to match it up which I was so thankful for. Oh and - you'll need a second person to help you with this!

4. If I did it again, I would stick with a small space. I love the look of wallpaper in half bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even closets. If we went this route again I would still stick to the little rooms. 

Here are the before and after pictures of our mini laundry room makeover!



Now let's talk organization! Each project I'm taking on this year I'm looking to transform the space from the inside out. I think I've said this before but organization is a love language for me. I'm really joking but I am so much more efficient with things in order. I wanted to keep this room as budget friendly as possible so I went to Dollar Tree to check out their organization bins. To my surprise, they had some great options to choose from, lots of really pretty colors and size options too! Definitely check them out - I ended up spending $6 and it looks so much better. I had a few storage options already that I ended up keeping in the cabinet for laundry detergent pacs, dryer balls, rags, and a cleaning tote. I used 4 large Dollar Tree bins for primary bathroom, kids bathroom, laundry, and ironing supplies and 2 small bins for extra cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items. Here are the before and after pictures!

Overall, I'm really happy with how this little project turned out and I think it's a fun way to add some spark to a room that was overlooked. I've linked all the products used as well as my favorite ironing mat below. You can also find them on my "Shop Our Home" page. If you could pick one "chore" as a favorite, what would you choose?


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